Planner’s Guidelines to Managing Oak Woodlands Webinar Series

A Planner's Guide for Oak Woodlands imageA series of lectures was presented on the concepts in the ANR publication, A Planner’s Guide for Oak Woodlands (UC ANR Publication 3491). The goal was to create an awareness of the ecological, economic and social values of California’s oak woodlands, and some general planning strategies to ensure long-term conservation of this resource. The selected audience includes city, county, regional and statewide planners, environmental consultants, conservation organizations, land trusts, resource professionals, elected officials, and NGO’s. The webinar series was completed in 2012.

Overview of the Hardwood Rangeland – Webinar I

Planner’s role in oak woodland conservation; Biology of oak resources; Oak woodlands as wildlife habitat; Landuse change and its impacts.

Topic Presenter
Introduction, goals of webinar, planner’s role in oak woodland conservation (ch. 1) Rick Standiford, UCCE Forest Specialist, Greg Giusti, UCCE Forest Advisor
The biology of oak resources (ch. 2) Rick Standiford, UCCE Forest Specialist
Oak woodlands as wildlife habitat (ch. 3) Bill Tietje, UC Berkeley
Land use change and its impacts Adina Merenlender, UC Berkeley
Question and Answer All Speakers

Land Management Strategies – Webinar II

Working landscapes-public and private lands; Watershed management; Fuels and fire issues; Production and conservation values.

Topic Presenter
Introduction and working landscapes-public and private lands Rick Standiford, UCCE
Forest Specialist, Sheila Barry, UCCE
Watershed management (ch. 4) Royce Larsen, UCCE
Fuels and Fire Issues Bill Stewart, UC Berkeley
Production and Conservation Values (ch. 9) Rick Standiford, UCCE
Forest Specialist
Question and Answer All Speakers

Planning Strategies – Webinar III

Planning options; Regional planning; Oak and oak woodland ordinances.

Topic Presenter
Introduction and Planning options Rick Standiford, UCCE Forest Specialist, Greg Giusti, UCCE Forest Advisor
Regional Planning Tom Scott, UC Berkeley
Oak and oak woodland ordinances Douglas McCreary, UC Berkeley
Question and Answer All Speakers

Sources of Assistance, Developing Plans – Webinar IV

Mapping resources and modeling risk; Planner’s roundtable; Conclusion and questions and answers.

Topic Presenter
Introduction and Mapping resources and modeling risk Rick Standiford, UCCE Forest Specialist, Adina Merenlender, UC Berkeley
Planner’s Roundtable:Regional ConservationSources of AssistanceLA County Mgmt Plan L. Clark, Placer Co., S. Gennet, TNC, R. Dagit, Topanga RCD
Question and Answer and Conclusion of webinar series All Speakers, Rick Standiford, UCCE Forest Specialist

Erosion in Oak Woodland Talk (Chapter 11) – Links to Additional References

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