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Oak Woodland Wildlife

Oak woodlands are one of the richest broad habitats in the state with well over 300 terrestrial vertebrates utilizing woodlands at some time during the year. They are also extremely important for a wide range of insect life.

How they are managed can therefore have a significant impact on the populations of a great number of animal species.

Bobcat c. Royce Larsen

When the IHRMP began in 1986, however, there was relatively little specific information about how woodland management activities including oak tree removal or thinning, intensive grazing, or prescribed burning might impact wildlife populations. Considerable research has therefore been done in the wildlife area.

California Quail - Lee Karney, USFWS
Big-eared woodrat-Royce Larsen

Oaks ‘n Folks Articles – Summaries of journal articles archived from the IHRMP Newsletter