Planners & Policy

There are many threats to oaks, but one of the most significant today is the impact from residential and commercial development.

Local planning plays a key role in oak woodland conservation.

The University of California has worked extensively on planning issues during the last several decades to help identify planning strategies consistent with woodland conservation and to make this information available to local planners.

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Policy & Planning Resources

The following webinar segments were taped for the Oak Webinar Series hosted by UCCE Forest Specialists and Advisors in collaboration with University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Division.

Oaks ‘n Folks Articles – Summaries of journal articles archived from the IHRMP Newsletter

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Wildlife Response to Different Kinds of Residential Development

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The Cultural Values of Oaks

The Ethnobiology of California’s Oak Woodlands

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Land-Use Planning in Oak Woodland: Applying the Concepts of Landscape Ecology Using GIS Technology and the CDF Oak Woodland Maps

Large Scale Change Detection in California Using LandSat Satellite Imagery and GIS

Effects of Wood Cutting on Wildlife Habitat in Blue Oak Woodlands in the Northern Sacramento Valley

Integrating Information at State, Regional and Local Scales: An Essential Step for Watershed Management, Restoration, and Monitoring

Assessing Potential Hardwood Loss in the Northern Sacramento Valley Using GIS Technology

Establishing Livestock Carrying Capacity From GIS & Range Science Research

California Certified Rangeland Manager Program

Water Quality in Oak Rangelands

Changes in El Dorado County Land-Use and Ownership