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Proceedings of Regeneration Workshop Available

Oaks ‘n’ Folks – Volume 16, Issue 2 – August 2000

In September 1998, the Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program hosted the Seventh Workshop on Seedling Physiology and Growth Problems in Oak Plantings at South Lake Tahoe. These workshops have been held every three years and began 20 years ago as a means of sharing information about the latest approaches for successfully propagating and establishing oak trees. This meeting featured sessions on oak physiology and genetics, seedling propagation and production methods, silviculture, and natural regeneration. In addition to papers about research from the North Central and Southern U.S. and from Mexico, there were also several papers on California oak woodland ecology and management and an all-day field trip through various oak forest types in the foothills and mountains of California.

Earlier this year, a General Technical Report was published by the U.S. Forest Service containing the abstracts of all 15 technical papers as well as a summary of the field trip and banquet presentation. For a free copy of this report write to:

Publications, USDA Forest Service, North Central Distribution Station, 1 Gifford Pinchot Drive, Madison WI, 53705-2398

and request a copy of General Technical Report NC-206.

edited by Adina Merenlender and Emily Heaton