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New Oak Regeneration Publication Available

Oaks ‘n’ Folks – Volume 18, Issue 1 – February 2002

A new publication titled Regenerating Rangeland Oaks in California has recently been published by UC Communication Services. It outlines recommended procedures for successfully regenerating native California oaks, focusing primarily on blue oak and valley oak. Written by IHRMP Program Manager, Doug McCreary, it contains chapters on: The Natural Regeneration of California Oaks; Acorn Collection, Storage and Planting; Propagating Rangeland Oak Seedlings; and Seedling Planting, Maintenance, and Protection. It also contains a list of nurseries that sell oak seedlings and saplings, a list of suppliers of oak regeneration materials, and an extensive bibliography.

Much of the information contained in this manual is based on oak regeneration studies conducted at the UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center where Doug has been stationed for the past 15 years. The manual is 62 pages and can be purchased from UC for

$10.00. It is Publication #21601.


UC DANR Communication Services 6701 San Pablo Ave., 2nd Floor Oakland, CA 94608-5470

(800) 994-8809 or (510) 642-2431

Fax: (510) 643-5470

E-mail: danrcs@ucdavis.edu

prepared and edited by Adina Merenlender and Emily Heaton